About Us

V6 HR Services is a recruitment company founded in February 2013 by 2 professional managers. V6 HR Services is licensed as an official recruitment company by Indian Companies Act (1956). V6 HR Services, being biggest local recruitment company, has over 170000 job applicants in its databank and continuously with its clients presently and still in a search for new clients to serve them best with the right manpower resources to build strong relations. Personnel Search & Selection is the main theme of V6 HR Services and its success is proven by 100 recruitments in such short span of time baked by special forms, English Language Tests and unique interview system in support with IPTP Centre. Outsourcing recruitment function of your company, beyond saving manpower and time, will give you the advantage of usage of the consultant's know-how and data bank of 100 interviewed applicants. V6 HR Services solution proposal in your recruitment process is ; To find the appropriate candidates according to the profile given by the company from his data bank. To make the first submission of min.10 max.25 appropriate candidates within 10 working days after receiving the profile of the required personnel.



We know that the employees are the foundation of any industry. They play a very important role in the growth of any organization. And thus the staff selection process is very important activity in the organization which needs special cares so that the organization can get good productive & quality employees, which will help the organization grow and will establish a long term relationship with the organization. V6 is a truly independent job consultancy that provides permanent and temporary staffing solutions for a wide array of candidates and clients. Our target is to deliver productive, quality, innovative, cost effective and timely staffing solutions to our clients and with that a right platform to our candidates for their successful career. We at V6 have a team of qualified recruiters which does a pre interview screening activity for every candidate and categorize the candidates for different job profiles. Our screening activity reduces the time of our clients in the selection process and also provide them best staff for different activities in their organization. Apart from our screening activity we also have some training programmes to develop the skills of the candidates and improve their knowledge and confidence. Our Interactive training programmes develop the skills of candidates and build up their confidence which helps them to get jobs.